Monday, 10 February 2020

Critical Literacy

Critical literacy is when you apply critical thinking to a literacy topic

Bias: what your favor. 
Source: where you get the information. 
Credible: believed; convincing. 
Authority: Someone has power and control.
Reliable: something you trust or someone. 
Perspective: Viewpoint. 
Agenda: What your intention.
Manipulate: Changing someone's perception.

Text: Text is the word the appears In anything written or printed.

Construction: This is something that you put together or build; Building or structure.
Representation: The showing a picture and art and putting it into work that you have.
Stereotype: a metal plate for printing or the process of making such a plate.    
Bias: opinion or liking that does not fair.
Inclusion: the act of including or the state of being included.
Exclusion - The act or process of excluding
Masculine - Having to do with men or boys.
Feminine - Of or having to do with a woman or girl.

Extension Task

Text - Something that you can get information from.
Construction - 

What am I learning?

I am learning one of the critical literacy: I am learning a Feminine is off or having to do with a woman or girl.

How does this show my learning? it shows that I am using this for my learning   

What am I wondering? 

  •  Inclusion in a text

- What does the world suggest?

- What is real in the text?
- What has been left out of the text?
- who benefits from the text
  • Exclusion in a text
- who benefits from the text
- whos views are excluded or privileged in the text? a
- What has been left out of the text
- Whose view is excluded or privilege in the text?

  • Representation in a text?
How are children, teenagers, or young adults constructed in the text?
How are Adults constructed in the text?
- Why is the text written the way it is?
- What view of the world is the text representing?

Putting in into Practice 

Paragraph 1 
So in English, we watched  Musical Somewhere that's green was very stereotypical. The females are dressing in poofy dresses, Wearing makeup, doing all of the housework, cooking, being the perfect wife. The men were outside doing the (manly) jobs. Mowing the lawns.

My Digital Bio Tile

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

A recent news item that interests me


The news item that I was interested in was about coronavirus. I chose coronavirus because it is one of the latest problems in our world. It impacts me because I worried about myself, my family and friends because what if it comes to this country and affects many people like in China? For our community, it will affect our health, government, social life and communication with other people. Furthermore, it affects our environment because we may not get fresh food, fresh air and it will affect our nature. This news makes me think of it because it can affect my life and others live by getting this virus if we are near people who are infected. By preventing this virus or to get infected is by wearing a mask, by being always clean and by eating healthy food

Image result for coronavirus
Ing sentence:
Deciding, speaking, seeing, 
Wanting to see peace restored, the UN sent troops to West Africa
Looking at the widow,

The w start sentence: who, while, when, where, what, whereas
When I was tacking, everyone is listing. 
When the bell rings, we go to class 

The Adverb Start: Quickly, Curiously, Importantly, Firstly, Often, Remarkably, Similarly, Significantly, surprisingly, Readily.
Adverb- Describes your verb( doing word) Must Of the time ends In ly
Surprisingly, Ian joined the football.
Carefully, I pass the big dog.

Red, White, and Blue
Example- The earth's Key Resources are clean air, Freash water, and Natural environment.
All people in Hornby high school, show Commitment, Resilience, and Respect.

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

My goal is to ask for feedback when I am unsure.

If I don't know what do I will ask my friend or the teacher or someone else.